Cadet's time while they are at the Academy is the team's most precious resource.  Team members are of the finest caliber. They deserve the best of equipment and training tools available.

We have worked with Cadet team instructors. Through this collaboration we have developed necessary requirements for team specific drop zone locations. 

Our VRPFS (Virtual Reality Parachute Flight Simulator) brings:

  • Flexibility to train (practice decision making) when cadets are unable to jump.  Ability to practice planning and implementing flight patterns.  
  • Results leading to more confident, skillful and knowledgeable canopy piloting
  • Enhanced safety
  • Portability
  • Data to insure continuous improvement in producing as realistic an experience as possible
  • Data tracking (Operations Log) to confirm value

Skydiving, training for safety and technology are our areas of expertise.  We can develop other applications of VR technology to work as a training tool.  

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