SkydiVR is build to work with off-the-shelf components.  We use Amazon and Dell. At the time of writing this guide (Dec 2017), total cost of equipment is estimated around $US1500.  Listed below are the required items you will need or should consider.


1. VR ready Personal Computer:

The choice of personal computer is yours but you need to use the Windows 10 operating system. 

You may prefer one PC brand over another or already have available suitable equipment you could use with SkydiVR. 

We are available to talk and help define your unique requirements to clarify the best option for you.  Contact us here.  

Below are some helpful links regarding the SkydiVR PC you need:


2. VR goggles:

These get you immersed in virtual reality.  The hand controllers which come with each pair of goggles can allow you to steer your SkydiVR parachute so you then do not need the Kinect and adaptor:


3. Kinect and adaptor:

Kinect does, for you, have the following advantges:

  • No hand controllers to either go missing or get a flat battery
  • Using Kinect we plan to eventually allow a SkydiVR canopy pilot to use rear or front risers


4. Accessories.  The following suggested accessories are available from amazon.com


5. Screen:

Minimum requirement is an HDMI port with resolution of 1920x1080:

  • A screen in your training area or cafe works well to allow others to watch what is happening
  • Note that if you use a laptop to run SkydiVR you will have to use the only HDMI port to run the goggles so sharing SkydiVR to other screens is not an option