SkydiVR in action at The Ranch...

We have found it best to have the VR unit PC, VR goggles and Kinect controller on a cart with wheels.  This means it can be easily moved to where it works best for either student training or entertaining DZ visitors, then stored safely afterwards.


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Don't just take our word for it...

Here is what some of our students say about SkydiVR:



Drop zones visitors watching their loved ones tandem jump are prepared to pay for the experience of a canopy ride without the risk.  

Next, they often decide to jump...!

Tandem passengers waiting for their turn to jump, or wanting to re-experience also want to preview or re-live the experience, and learn more.


#2 students using technology they love

Virtual reality has quickly gained a high profile, and especially with the millennial generation.  

Students are more likely to enjoy their jump and come back when better trained and more comfortable with decisions they face flying their canopies.  Skydiving canopy students using SkydiVR (tm) realize the following benefits emphasizing their Student Canopy Targeted Learning Objectives:

1 Reinforce what a safe parachute looks like.
Four "S's": Parachute Square? Flying StraightSlider down?  Steerable 

2 Find landmarks and landing area with similar wind conditions on the day they jump.

3 Practice deciding if they can get back to the landing area.

4 Parachute flight:

  • Effects of half flare, full flare, stall and how the canopy behaves
  • Effects of wind on a parachute:
    • Assessing groundspeed and ground track
    • Holding, crabbing and running with the wind

5 Traffic pattern approach altitude points

6 When on final approach to practice assessing their actual landing point



How much does skydivr cost?

We encourage you to jump virtually as much as possible and use a simple and familiar business model: keep your manifest in credit.

You prepay for any virtual jumps: say $100.  We automatically debit your credit card $100 again when your manifest does not have enough to cover a jump.  

The following bulk purchase discount structure applies:

  • Basic price is $100 for 25 jumps: $4 per jump
  • 10% discount when you sell 100 jumps per month: $3.60 per jump, approx 3 jumps per day
  • 20% discount when you sell 125 jumps per month: $3.20 per jump, approx 4 jumps per day
  • 30% discount when you sell 250 jumps per month: $2.80 per jump, approx 8 jumps per day
  • 40% discount when you sell 625 jumps per month: $2.40 per jump, approx 21 jumps per day
  • 50% discount when you sell 1250 jumps per month: $2.00 per jump, approx 42 jumps per day
  • 60% discount when you sell 2500 jumps per month: $1.60 per jump, approx 84 jumps per day

The PC, Oculus VR Headset, Xbox Controller, and service and support of the PC have a total value of approximately $US1500.  More details at for equipment in USA or Europe

To summarize:

  • $100 prepaid for 25 jumps.  The more jumps you sell the bigger the discount we provide
  • We will guide you through the equipment purchase price to purchase standard and supported hardware.  The hardware vendor you buy from provides your hardware support
  • We fully support our software. 

We have other FAQ's here.


The fine print?

Our Terms of Service are here and our Privacy Policy is here.

The template agreement between you as a licence holder and us as a vendor is here.


if i decide "yes" or even "maybe", what happens next?

Email us at so we can design and build what you need to work for you at your DZ.