As soon as agreement has been signed and PC purchased, SkydiVR team will start creating the personalized two-dimensioanl dropzone based on high resolution satellite images of the area.

Dropzone will be asked to provide:

  • Define the coordinates (use googlemaps.com) of the center of the landing area.  If there is more than one landing area, define the center of the dropzone
  • Define the location (use googlemaps.com) of any windsocks or ground wind indicators
  • Map the area surrounding your dropzone (copy and paste) which shows the choice users can make of their opening point (when their canopy ride will start.
  • Choose your drop zone logo or icon.  This will be shown when users are looking to select the dropzone they want to jump at…

Three-dimensional rendering of the dropzone area with 3D buildings, trees and detailed textures is a quite long and expensive process, will be therefore provided in a second phase as an update:

-          For free to the first dropzone adopting SkydiVR in any given country or state within the United States or

-          Reaching 500 Simulation jumps or

-          With an upfront payment of 400€


Examples of what can be expected both with the 2D and 3D versions of a dropzone rendering coming soon...



  1. Uninstall old Oculus software.

  2. Download the Oculus setup software from their website.

  3. Run the setup.

  4. Run the Dreamdeck tutorial to verify the Oculus is working.  Programs-->Oculus.  Check box to allow “Unknown Sources”.  Change to
    By default not allowed (see Image 1



Plug in kinect and rift, and xbox one controller before turning computer on.

Run kinect studio, click connect button (plug icon) on top left.

Verify it's working... disconnect and close.


Rift: Before running unity app, put on the rift.

Using the xbox controller click OK if it says the sensor can't be found.

You may also have to click a safety agreement.

You should see the menu.

From here try running the unity app.

If you take off the rift, you'll see a "Your Activity" button, click it to resume.

When the app starts, the user should see a starry field until they are deployed in a dropzone.

When deployed they'll see a loading icon, and soon after- the press any key to continue menu.

If they are using xbox controller, down on both sticks controlls left and right movement.

Or if on Kinect, the arms should start at the squared up position to start the game.

You'll know the Kinect is working if you can see 3 red lights on it.

The user should bring hands forward and down to turn in that direction.

Installing Desktop Background and Screensaver

1. Create a directory (such as C:\VideoScreenSaver)
2. Download the following into the C:\VideoScreenSaver directory you created in Step 1:

Installing Desktop Background

Navigate to Control Panel
In “Find a setting” type “background” (without quotes)
Click “Background settings”
Under “Choose your picture” click Browse
A file dialog box will open.
Navigate to and select C:\VideoScreenSaver\SDA.png”

Installing Silent Video Screensaver Background

Unzip VideoScreensaver.zip and extract into the same directory you created:
RIght click on “Videoscreensaver.scr” and click “Install”l
Navigate to Control Panel
In “Find a setting” type “screen saver” (without quotes)
Click “Change Screen Saver”
In “Screen Saver” dialog, change “Wait:” to 5 minutes
Click “Settings…”
A file dialog box will open.
Navigate to and select C:\VideoScreenSaver\SDAScreenSaverSilent.mp4