The video below shows how we use SkydiVR at The Ranch to practice making wise decisions under canopy.

All electronic equipment is "off the shelf" and can be brought from somewhere like  Harness/toggles produced by Sonic at The Ranch Pro Shop.

Interested?  Contact us!

To experience skydiVR we work with you to define which PC you need for your needs.  We buy from Dell who provide to you as the end user full hardware support.  

We configure your PC with skydiVR then ship it to you with your new Oculus Rift goggles and Microsoft Kinect gaming console.

When it arrives, you unpack, assemble and connect it to the internet.

With SkydiVR you can:

  • Provide to us the co-ordinates of the center of your landing area and relevant windsock location(s).  We then create your DZ in virtual reality 
  • Choose from our growing list of drop-zones.
  • Define the wind conditions in which you will be jumping.
  • Define your opening point above the ground.  
  • Fly with friends: you can see them under their canopy, they can see you.  You can fly side by side.  

Become a safer, more skillful, more confident, and knowledgeable canopy pilot.

Or just help visitors to your dropzone experience flying their own parachute.

Tell us about your SkydiVR experience afterwards.

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