1 When you boot up the PC for the first time each day, after Windows has loaded first start the Oculus app by itself and see that it has started properly before starting SkydiVR.

2 Hot keys.  These are buttons on the keyboard to fix regular problems or change preferences for the user:

  • "r" key re-centers the view a goggle wearer sees as sometimes when they put them on the sensor becomes confused
  • "u" key changes altitude units from either meters to feet or back again

3 Screen resolution.  Sometimes (especially if you use your SkydiVR PC with a flatscreen TV available to other people - who may use the screen to show some footage they have just shot on their video camera) the screen resolution can be changed: teh result is some of the SkydiVR app buttons on its home screen are not shown.  To fix this, right click on the Oculus icon and set the resolution back to 1920x1080.