SkydiVR is build to work with off-the-shelf components.  We use Amazon and Dell. At the time of writing this guide (Dec 2017), total cost of equipment is estimated around $US1500 or if in europe €2000.  Listed below the required items you will need.


The choice of personal computer is yours.   Sorry no Apple VR yet, but it is coming...we can keep you updated.

You may prefer one brand over another or already have available suitable equipment you could use with SkydiVR.    

We are available to talk and help define your unique requirements to clarify the best option for you.  Below are some helpful links:

Some configurations have however already been tested over a number of parameters and are recommended below. If you wish to proceed by your own please check Oculus Rift minimum requirement at www.oculus.com/rift/


Model: New Alienware Aurora R6 Processor: i5-7400 OS: Win 10 Home Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6Gb of memory RAM: 8Gb Hard disk: 1TB a 7200 rpm Warranty: 1 year premium support (SUGGESTED upgrade at 2 YEARS onsite support +119€) Price: 1420€ Purchase website: www.dell.com NOTE: for help in the purchasing process check the step by step guide or contact us

PC SHIPPING: For a correct hardware configuration be sure to select as shipping address of the PC unit our office:

Tribal Network Solutions S.r.l.s. Via Garavaglia 4 40127 Bologna - Italy

We will take care of preparing the machine - update all components - install the latest version of SkydiVR and test it - send it back to your premises Please notice that as your dropzone scenario is custom produced this phase may take up to 2 weeks. Configuration is free, cost of shipping is 40€


2. OCULUS RIFT - Price: 500€

These are the goggles to get you immersed in virtual reality

Purchase weblink: https://www.oculus.com/rift/



Following accessories, required or suggested are available on amazon.com, a collective purchase link in the form of a shopping list has been compiled depending on the country of operations:

UK: France: Spain: http://amzn.eu/claOd4b

Germany: Italy:

Kinect Sensor - required- Price: 100€

This sensor capture hands movements while using the simulator, allowing real life movements to be translated in the virtual reality environment. Originally designed for Microsoft Xbox gaming consolle it has been conveniently adapted to be used with SkydiVR.

Kinect PC adapter cable - required- Price: 50€

This cable is used to connect the Kinect sensor to the PC.

Wireless Keyboard -recommended- Price: 50€

Although a mouse and keyboard is included in the suggested pc, we recommend for ease of operations a wireless keyboard. This suggested model has also an integrated trackpad.

VR headset stand -recommended- Price: 25€

This accessory allow to conveniently store your precious headset while not in use.

VR headset lens protector -recommended- Price: 10€

This accessory allow to protect the oculus rift lenses.

VR headset waterproof cover -recommended- Price: 25€

This cover can be substituted to the original one and presents an easier cleanable surface.

Anti-bacterial wipes -recommended- Price: 20€ for 200 wipes

To sanitize, if necessary, the headset between each use



Screen is totally your choice as you might already have one available and as cost is extremely variable. Minimum requirement: HDMI port, minimum resolution 1920x1080.

Tip: the screen you use and the SkydiVR app need to align on the resolution used. SkyDiVR uses 1920-1080, therefore to change your screens resolution, right click on Oculus icon and set correct resolution.