SkydiVR uses the Oculus virtual reality technology platform to deliver unprecedented realism to parachute flight simulation.

When online you can choose your DZ, define the wind conditions and your opening point above the ground.

You can use your laptop to experience SkydiVR in 2D (two dimensions).  

But to get the full immersive experience, use some VR goggles.  

We develop a mobile version for the Samsung Gear VR goggles where you use a gamepad controller to steer your parachute.

For a more enhanced experience we develop for the Oculus platform which allows you as the user to steer your virtual by moving your arms in the same way as a real parachute.

Now from the comfort of your own home you can practice making wise decisions under canopy.  To become a safer, more skillful, more confident, and knowledgeable canopy pilot.

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