The following is copied directly from "The Startup Checklist" by David Rose (a leading New York Angel).

Prepare to Launch

1 Translate your idea into a compelling business model

2 Craft a Lean Business Plan to serve as your "Plan A" road map

3 Find and kknow your competitors and analyze the strategic landscape

4 Draft your founding team

5 Allocate equity

6 Build a Minimum Viable Product and validate with customers

7 Establish your Brand with Online Public Profiles

8 Network within the Entrepreneurial ecosystem


Launch and Build your Company

9 Incorporate as a Delaware "C" Corp

10 "Lawyer" up

11 Recruit your Board of Directors and Advisors

12 Select an Accountant and Accounting System

13 Establish and manage your credit profile

14 Open bank, credit card and merchant accounts

15 Choose your key technologies, platforms and vendors

16 Measure your business with data analytics

17 Round out your team with employees and freelancers

18 Establish a stock option plan to incentivize your team


Raise Funds; collaborate with investors; plan for your exit

19 Understand the funding process and what investors want to see

20 Nurture your investor pipeline

21 Fund raise with online platforms

22 Understand Term sheets and prepare for due diligence

23 Get the most from your investors, now and in the future

24 Determine what your company is really worth

25 Keep your eye on the exit and reap the benefits of success